We hope you find the information provided useful in helping you manage your health needs. We’ve pulled together lots of information to enable you to choose the best care for you

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Self Care

Find practical tips for a diet, exercise, stress management, and more.

Working Hours

Telephone lines will remain open from 08:00hrs to 18:30hrs Monday to Friday

Our Services

Family Planning
Minor Surgery & Joint Injections
Cervical Smear Testing
Chronic Disease Management
In House Physiotherapy Service
Specialist Menopause Consultations
Blood Pressure Monitoring
Pharmacist Medication Reviews
Learning Disability Reviews
Substance Misuse Clinic
Warfarin Monitoring Clinic
Wound Checks

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The NHS Wales App is the quick and easy way to take control of your health and wellbeing, because better heath starts with you. Click the link below and download the app.

Experiencing Issues with the App?

If you are having difficulty using the app, please contact ‘Digital Health and Care Wales’

Avoid wait times by being in the right place for your treatment

We can guide you towards the right healthcare professional for your treatment. If you require assistance with dental, eye or medicine issues, you may be able to get more specialist advice or treatment elsewhere. If this applies to you, see below for information on what to do next.

Problems with teeth or gums?


If you have toothache, jaw pain, sores, ulcers or unusual patches, lumps or swellings, your dentist is the best person to offer advice.

Problem with eyes or vision?


Eye emergencies or issues such as red eye, runny or dry eye will be seen and treated by most opticians for free.

Questions about medication?


Your pharmacist is an expert in medicines and should be your first port of call for all medication queries.


MED-3 / FIT Note

If you are in need of a MED-3 form, also known as a Fit Note, to support your medical leave or absence from work. Please Click Here

Common Ailments Services

For access to free NHS advice and treatment for common ailments that cannot be managed by self-care. Please Click Here

Latest News

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Change Details

If you are in need of updating your details. Fill in our contact form with the details and send us an email.  Please Click Here

Phone Forest View

You can contact us via telephone, we will connect you to our central switchboard so that they can direct your call to the most appropriate person. If you need to visit us directly, click contact us to visit our contact page.

Our Values

Put our patients at the HEART of everything we do:


Working in harmony with our colleagues, community and external healthcare professionals we will create a vision of healthcare for the future. Working harmoniously we will create a multidisciplinary health care model to provide quality healthcare for each patient at the right time.


We will always welcome open and honest feedback so that we can strive for excellence.

Excellence will be achieved through continuous learning and developing innovative solutions to improve healthcare for our community. We will invest time to provide ongoing training and support to not only our colleagues but GP’s of the future.


This means more than simply just doing our job, it forms our obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence and the vision for our practice. Being accountable means we are answerable for our actions and the actions of our team. It helps drive our commitment to the quality and improvement of services and care.


Respect is a guiding value for all colleagues at Forest View, it makes the foundation for each and every interaction. We will respect and appreciate each person’s need or point of view recognising them as individuals and we will always take the time to understand and support them.

Team Work

We understand that the success of our practice is inevitably tied to others and our performance as a team is defined by every person. We commit to keeping our colleagues safe and looking after their well-being. We will always welcome partnerships that enhance and benefit the community we serve.

About Forest View


Based in the heart of the Valleys Forest View, Health, Acute and Wellness provide care to 16,000 patients. Serving our patients we have a fantastic Clinical Team that’s supported by our Medicines Management Team, Operational Administration Team, and our Care Navigation Team.

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