What we do

The common ailments service offers patients access to free NHS advice and treatment for common ailments that cannot be managed by self-care.
The service offers an alternative to making an appointment with the GP to discuss the following 26 conditions

Athletes Foot
Backache (acute)
Cold sores
Conjunctivitis (bacterial)

Dermatitis (dry skin)
Dry Eye
Head Lice

Ingrowing toenail
Mouth Ulcers
Nappy rash
Oral thrush
Ringworm (Intertrigo)

Sore throat
Vaginal thrush

Who is it for?

The service can be used by any patient who lives in Wales or is registered to a Welsh GP practice. The patient must be able to attend the pharmacy in person.

If you are suffering with eye conditions you should visit a local optometrist (optician) for a free NHS eye examination in the first instance.

Sometimes the pharmacist may need to refer you to your GP or another healthcare professional if they are unable to treat your condition.

What to expect

To use this service you must register with the pharmacy of your choice. You can register at any pharmacy and can choose to move to another pharmacy at any time if you need to use the service again.

You will have a private consultation with the pharmacist in the pharmacy consultation room, this will usually take between 5 and 10 minutes.

You do not need to make an appointment but you may need to wait to see the pharmacist at busy times. Your doctor (GP) will be sent information about the advice and treatment you have received.